Launch of BBC iPhone Apps Postponed By Corporation Trust

The BBC Trust, the body which governs the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), has announced that it has halted the launch of BBC iPhone applications, which were scheduled for launch around the general elections and the World Cup.

The Trust made its move after a series of complaints from BBC's rivals, in order to review the development, purpose and impact of the iPhone applications, which range from a BBC News app to a BBC Sports app, along with an application for its popular video catch-up service, iPlayer.

The complaints were made by Newspaper Publishers’ Association, which claimed that the release of the applications from BBC had the potential to harm its members' plans for charging for their online content and mobile advertisement models on their own mobile applications.

Commenting on the delay in the launch of BBC's application, a BBC Trust spokesperson said in a statement that “the Trust will consider whether or not the plans constitute a significant change to BBC service.”

The spokesperson also indicated that the applications, which were supposed to launched during April and May, might be delayed beyond the General Elections and the World Cup.

A member of the Newspapers Publishers Association said that it was necessary that the Trust evaluated the impact the applications might have on the market before allowing the BBC to release them.

Our Comments

The private segment of the news generating business is slowly flexing its muscles. Rupert Murdoch has already committed to start charging for content on two of its biggest news websites - the Times and the Sunday Times - with two others following.

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