Video game tax breaks get all-party support

The UK government's budget pledge to offer tax relief to UK game makers has been supported by all three main parties.

According to, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are committed to helping out the UK games industry regardless of the outcome of the General Election on May 6th.

The pledges were made by Tory Ed Vaisey and Lib Dem Don Foster at a panel discussion chaired by ELSPA last night.

The deal as set out by the Labour government would be worth £90 million over two years.

Labour MP Tom Watson also slammed the Digital Economy Bill which could lead to family Internet connections being cut off because of accusations of piracy. He accused MPs from all sides of the parliament, including his own, of rushing through the Bill.

"If you make laws quickly, you make bad laws," he said, adding: "Shame on you both [to his fellow panellists] and shame on my front bench."