Warner Bros Pays Interns £17,500 To Look For Pirated Content

In a bid to crack down hard on the internet pirates, Warner Bros have adopted a rather innovative strategy - they are now looking to colleges for hiring students to spy on illegal file sharers and internet offenders.

Generally, students are the most frequent internet piracy offenders and apparently it does seem to be a good proposition to employ them for the act of keeping an eye on their peers and friends to check the perceptibly never-ending problem of internet piracy.

The film distributor, in a job listing last week, which was discovered by the tech blog TorrentFreak, mentioned that it was seeking an “Anti-Piracy Intern” to help the company in hunting down the internet pirates.

The job profile includes tracking local internet portals for pirated Warner Bros as well as NBC Universal content, scanning the web for the files that breach the company’s copyrights, along with maintaining and developing online services for scanning various internet links.

Additionally, the successful candidate would also be required to stay updated about different piracy sites and their groups and users, carry out trap purchases from those websites, as well as log “data and other intelligence in forensic databases”.

The year-long internship is open for the students who have a sound experience with peer protocols and programming. The successful candidate will get a lucrative annual stipend of £17,500 and interested candidates can apply until 31st March.

Our Comments

£17500 for an intern to do such a job! Quite interesting indeed and we're sure that there will be dozens of applications for what seems to be an extremely easy job for those in the know. WB must make sure however that they do not recruit a double agent.

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