Western Digital ships slim 750GB hard drive

The hard drive industry continued to battle against the increasing threat of solid state storage today, as Western Digital announced that it’s shipping its slimmest 750GB laptop drive yet.

The latest 750GB Scorpio Blue drive comes in the standard 2.5in laptop form factor, but this isn’t really news in itself. After all, we already have 2.5in laptop drives in 1TB capacities, let alone 750GB.

Instead of the form factor, it’s this drive’s height that makes it interesting. With a height of just 9.5mm, the drive is a good 3mm flatter than most other large-capacity 2.5in drives available.

This might not seem like a lot, but that 3mm can make it physically impossible to install a 12.5mm-high drive into some 2.5in drive bays. As a case in point, the PlayStation 3 only has room for a 9.5mm-high drive, so this drive could give PS3 owners a healthy 750GB to play with.

In order to reduce the height, Western Digital spread the capacity over two 375GB platters, rather than the usual three platters found in high-capacity drives. In addition to the high capacity, the drive spins at 5,400rpm, which is the standard speed for most 2.5in drives. It also comes equipped with an 8MB buffer.

However, it’s worth bearing mind that not all 750GB Scorpio Blue drives are the same, and Western Digital has used the same brand name for its 12.5mm-high drives too. You’ll need to look for the model name WD7500BPVT if you want to get the thin version.

According to Western Digital, the thin 750GB drives are currently shipping to resellers and distributed worldwide. In the UK, More Computers is expecting to have stock on 12 April, and the pre-order price is £93.05 inc VAT.