Acer broadens server offerings with AMD

Taiwanese outfit Acer chose to latch on to AMD’s launch of its latest range of business processors, to reaffirm its presence as a server company.

The 6000 platform and 6100 series processors encompass eight- and 12-core offerings which AMD thinks it can flog as both 2-way and 4-way server systems.

Acers’ hook-up with AMD is not surprising. They have a lot in common. Both are low[er]-cost suppliers trying to compete with larger, richer rivals. They need each other. Acer because it has set its eye on stealing a 10 per cent share of the server market from whoever it can – and HP in particular – and AMD because it needs all the help it can get.

This story is being written on the plane home from Milan, by the way. Easyjet cancelled our flight back to Luton outright. The best we could do was a flight to Gatwick, a mere 70 miles or so from our original destination. And even that was delayed by two and-a-half hours. Easyjet blamed its “computer system” which, according to a stewardess, went haywire yesterday.

Free beer and sandwiches were not forthcoming despite our multiple and increasingly fraught demands. This might not be so bad if Acer had not been so cheap as to bundle us onto a bus with the Spanish contingent in order to save a few bob. We arrived four hours before the UK flight was due to leave. The subsequent shenanigans meant we had to spend almost six hours in a poxy regional airport on the outskirts of Milan, while Acer’s Italian management enjoyed a slap-up meal with their AMD chums.

Right, rant over, back to the plot.

Acer has chosen to attack the server market in EMEA countries by sticking the Gateway label on its boxes. Gateway is Acer’s business brand in Europe. Not in The US, mind, where it is better known as a failed consumer brand. Acer will approach the US server space shortly, although it is currently unclear which of its [multi-] brands it will slap on its yankee boxes. Acquisition remains a definite possibility.

Gateway’s AMD-powered server range will encompass servers based on 4p configuration - amounting to 48-cored beastie - rack servers, blades and a rack multi-node server. Gateway has added a suite of software tools to help with the configuration of the devices. As ever, the kit will be completely sold indirectly through the channel. Acer has developed a three-tier partner programme it wishes to establish for Gateway’s server business.

The firm is recruiting channel partners for all tiers of its three-tier programme in the main European countries. The firm is especially focused on the UK, where our host, Antonio Papale (pictured below left, with AMD's Pat Patla) said Acer wants to grow "very, very fast".

Acer wants to recruit 1000 bottom-feeder dealers in each country, between 80 and 100 second-tier business partners and a top tier of 40-50 certified partners who will benefit from direct contact with Acer and an incentivised rebate, scheme. "We won't just be handing business to the usual suspects," said Papale, "We're looking for people to concentrate on Acer."

The firm is hosting events on April 21st in both London and Manchester at which it will seek to woo channel partners into its fold.