Apple Updates iTunes To Version 9.1, Gets Ready For iPad

Apple Inc., the company responsible for bringing the iPhone into the lives of millions, has dished out iTunes 9.1 which is compatible with Apple's much hyped iPad tablet device that will be up for sale from Saturday in the US.

The new version of Apple's celebrated music managing software - which can be downloaded here - is designed to allow iPad users to sync their iTunes accounts, including music files, podcasts and videos with the device.

Interestingly, iTunes 9.1 will also support iBooks, allowing users to sync ebooks stored on their hard drives, with the iPad. The Telegraph reports that user interface of the new iTunes software remains the same, apart from the added support for iBooks.

The news site also reported that the company had made changes to the popular Genius music function, which allows users to automatically create playlists of song 'that sound good together'.

The new Genius update will now allow users to remove, rename and rearrange the music tracks that have been created by the function.

Commenting on the launch of new iTunes 9.1, an article on the popular technology site Mashable mentioned that “By releasing the software early, they can find and remove any final bugs before one of the most important product launches in the company’s history.”

Our Comments

Everything - or almost - is ready for the launch of the Apple iPad. There will certainly be a few glitches here and there but nothing appears to stand in the way of Apple's attempt to revolutionise the way we consume print content forever.

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