BT Extends Superfast Internet To 300 New Exchanges

BT, one of the most prominent internet service providers in the UK, has announced that it will start to roll out super fast fiber-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) broadband internet to 300 new exchanges mainly in the South West, later this year.

According to and official statement given by the ISP, the latest FTTC roll-out will be able to cover 4 million BT lines and is scheduled to start from Autumn this year, continuing until Spring 2011.

Interestingly, the company reported that most of the new exchanges that will be installed will be located in the London and South East area of the country.

Commenting on the FTTC roll out by BT, Jon Reynolds, BT’s South West regional director, said in a statement that “BT would also like to roll-out the fibre networks to parts of the UK where the economics are more challenging and where some public funding will be required. We are very open to holding discussions with public sector organisations.”

The fibre broadband internet technology, which is being rolled out by BT, is based on a combination of fibre-to-the-cabinet and fibre-to-the-premises connections, but, according to the company, FTTC will be given a higher preference probably because it is easier to implement and costs less.

Our Comments

BT's plans somewhat echoes the roadmap proposed by the UK government, which plans to bring fast broadband internet to each and every UK home over the next few years.

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