Chinese Journalists Report Yahoo Mail Hacking

A significant number of writers, journalists and activists in China have claimed that their Yahoo Mail accounts have been targeted by a cyber-attack which was carried out with the intention of procuring sensitive information.

The attacks, which echo the recent ones faced by Gmail email service users in China a few months ago, targeted foreign journalists and activists working in and outside China, particularly those, who were actively rallying against China's censorship and human rights policies.

According to the report on Reuters, journalists working for the New York Times and the Irish Times, were not able to access their Yahoo mail accounts after the attacks took place.

The news site also reported that the hacked emailed accounts included those that belonged to the members of the exiled group World Uyghur Congress, which has been accused of separatism by the Chinese government.

Interestingly, some of the journalists have reported that the their Yahoo mail accounts had been configured to forward their mails to an unknown email account without their knowledge.

Commenting on the prevailing issue, a Yahoo spokesperson said in a statement that "We are committed to protecting user security and privacy and we take appropriate action in the event of any kind of breach."

Our Comments

Sometimes ago, China-based users of Google's Gmail mail service, had reported a similar invasion of privacy, prompting the search engine giant to close down its China operations.

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