Demand for web TV rising fast

Consumer demand for Internet TV is moving so fast that manufacturers can't keep up.

Web-connected TVs are slowly starting to become available, but it seems like the public is so keen to bring the Internet into their living rooms that they are turning to DIY solutions in their droves.

Research by number-crunching outfit Parks Associates has found that the majority of US households have already come up with their own methods of getting their Facebook fix in every room in the house by hooking Web-connected games consoles and PCs to their main family sets.

Apparently, 64 per cent of US households now use a PS3, Wii or Xbox hooked up to the primary telly in order to get on the Interwibble, while 36 per cent have moved the PC out of the box bedroom and into the main social area of the house.

TV manufacturers who don't take heed of the home-grown revolution and fail to build Internet connectivity into future sets are being warned that they risk being left out of the game.