Eye doc sues Microsoft over Zune patent

An Illinois eye doctor has sued Microsoft saying the software company added his patented idea to its Zune media player after he tried to flog it to them.

Dr Edward Yavitz, who was obviously once a Zune fan, says Microsoft stole his method for quickly tagging music via a device's FM radio and downloading it at a later time.

Yavitz says he sent Microsoft a letter in October 2006 to pitch them the idea for the next Zune which would allow users to tag songs heard on the radio, and download them the next time they were in a wifi hotspot.

At the time he was quite smug about the fact that neither Apple or Google could use the patented technology.

Microsoft didn't respond, and two years later, Buy From FM mysteriously turned up in a Zune firmware upgrade.

The Doc's patents – Nos. 6,463,649 and 6,473,792 – were both filed in 2000 and granted in 2002.