Facebook gaffe exposes hidden emails

Social notworking idiot farm Facebook has once again proved that it can't be trusted with even the most basic personal data, let alone your deepest, darkest secrets.

Late last night the fake friend emulation website decided to cough out the email addresses of every user on the planet according to some pretty lively Tweets reported on Valleywag.

The site, which has recently become the most popular site on the entire Interwibble, exposed email addresses which were supposed to be flagged as hidden according to user profiles. Which meant that anyone browsing the site could capture the information whether they were registered as your 'friend' or not.

Here's a hint: if you really have to find out what someone you met once (if ever) is capable of scoring on Gangster Wars - or whatever feeble pyramid selling scheme dressed up as a game is popular on Facebook this week - then don't, for the love of god, give them your real email address!

If people are stupid enough to dump their entire (real) lives into a publicly accessible database engineered by people who make it quite clear that they want to make money out of personal data, they deserve everything they get.