Google To Partner With Adobe To Deliver Flash-Aware Chrome

Google and Adobe will be soon joining hands in order to make Chrome browser and Chrome OS more compatible with Adobe's popular multimedia platform, Flash, which is widely used for adding videos and animation to websites.

Industry experts believe that this move will further fuel the ongoing war between Google and Apple, which has openly opposed Adobe's Flash in the past and has even refrained from making its iPad tablet device compatible with Adobe's software as it feels that it is full of holes and vulnerabilities.

Commenting on the search engine giants move, Sundar Pichai, Google vice president of product management, said in a statement that “This initiative supports our common goal to move the Web forward as a platform and to spur innovation in the industry through technology such as Adobe Flash."

Technology website ZDNet has reported that in the coming weeks, Google will release an Adobe Flash plug-in for its Chrome Web browser and will start working towards integrating Flash with its much awaited Chrome OS.

Google, the company behind the Android OS, has been a long standing supporter of Flash as the company's popular video sharing website YouTube runs on Flash and it is also a member of the Open Screen Project, which strives to promote Flash as the ideal platform for creating media rich web content.

Our Comments

Let's hope that they manage to bring Flash's resource consumption under control as it is sometimes the single most memory intensive unit in Chrome - and yes, we're talking out of experience. Some of what Steve Jobs has been saying is true and Adobe will need to work hard to make Flash better.

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