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Man Behind iPod Range Leaves Apple

The New York Times has reported that Tony Fadell, the man who created the legendary iPod music player, has formally quit Apple Inc., after a highly eventful 9 year stint. Fadell, talking to the New York Times, said that he wanted to invest in green technology companies in order to help the environment.

Tony Fadell, who has a key role in scripting Apple's dramatic come-back, entered the company as the very first member of the iPod engineering team 2001 and was soon promoted to iPod division head, a post which was formerly held by Jon Rubenstein, who is now the CEO of Palm Inc.

Interestingly, Tony, when he first came up with the idea of an online music store and a hard-drive based music player, approached several companies in order to sell his ideas before being picked up by Apple.

Fadell had stepped down from the post of iPod division head in 2008 and was serving as an advisor for Apple CEO Steve Jobs, before announcing his resignation from Apple yesterday.

Both Fadell and his wife, who was the vice president of human resources at Apple stepped down from their jobs in order to spend time with their 'young family'.

Commenting on his announcement, Fadell told the New York Times that “I’m determined to tell my kids and grandkids amazing stories beyond my iPod and iPhone ones.”

Our Comments

Let's hope that Fadell brings his expertise and know how to the next ventures that he undertakes. The iPod spawn a whole new generation of Mac fans and changed the way entertainment is consumed worldwide.

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