More Journalist accounts hacked in China

The Foreign Correspondent's Club of China has confirmed that at least eight of its members have had their Yahoo mail accounts hacked in recent weeks.

A warning email, which was circulated to the organisation's members today, is spookily reminiscent of a similar attack which lead to the eventual diaspora of Internet search behemoth Google a short time

The FCCC says that a number of journalists based in Taiwan and China have had their Yahoo email accounts hacked, with several accounts being completely disabled on March 25th. In one instance, a Beijing-based scribbler had all of his emails automatically forwarded to an unknown recipient.

Yahoo is currently remaining tight lipped about the attacks, but we're getting a certain sense of Deja Vu about the whole thing.

The organisation warns that anyone currently residing in the PRC or any of its territories who is likely to come under attack form *cough* hackers (that would include journalists, dissidents and anti government protesters) should carefully check the settings of their Yahoo accounts.