Twitter Revamps Front page

Micro-blogging giant Twitter, has revamped the homepage of its website, adding a host of new sections including Top Tweets section and a Hot Trends section.

This is the lattest attempt by the company to position itself as a dynamic and rapidly changing information-exchange network, rather than just a place for posting status updates.

According to the company's representatives, Twitter plans to attract new users for increasing its user base, by offering a new and improved homepage which is designed for making the true essence of the website known to the world.

Elaborating on the Twitter makeover; Doug Bowman, designer, thinker and creative director at Twitter says, “with the new design, we're intentionally featuring more dynamic content on the front page, revealing a sample of who's here, what folks are tweeting about, and the big topics that they're discussing.”

The new Twitter homepage features popular tweets or Top Tweets section, series of Hot Trends scrolling across the homepage and links to celebrity users - all being updated at real time.

On the homepage itself, you can also access quick information about popular topics, in the form of summaries that pop up on pointing at them. Unfortunately not everyone will be able to see the changes.

Our Comments

Interestingly, the Twitter revamp comes just weeks after an independent research conducted by a prominent market research firm reported that a significant amount of Twitter users were opting out of the service as they did not understand the functionality of the service.

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