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£141 64GB Samsung SSD

Samsung's Solid State Drive (SSD) - the MMCRE64G5MXP-OVB - is an advanced NAND flash-based solution for traditional storage, leveraging the company's longtime leadership in memory technology.

This next-generation solution offers several advantages over rotating magnetic media such as significantly lower power consumption, remarkable ruggedness, high reliability, less weight and outstanding performance.

The SSD system is currently selling as an alternative high-end storage device for notebooks by many major PC manufacturers. The SSD's weight is less than that of a conventional hard drive, thus further increasing easy system portability. The device also uses significantly less power. This gives users more battery life.

Samsung's Solid State Drive performance is greater than traditional storage. In addition, random search times are the faster on the SSD, which is not subject to fragmentation and maintains its performance over time.

As a non-volatile storage device, the SSD has no moving parts such as the motor, disks and heads of a hard drive. Thus it eliminates spin-up time, seek time and rotational latency while delivering sustained high-speed data transfers.

The SSD's lack of moving parts makes it noise-free and its ultra-low power consumption virtually eliminates heat emissions.

The SSD is also highly rugged, standing up to shock and vibration. These performance features make it well suited to a broad range of users. These include "road warrior" business professionals, as well as those in demanding military and industrial areas.

Samsung designed the SSD's footprint to be interchangeable with a hard disk drive. Furthermore, because the SSD is form-factor agnostic, the flash components can be arranged to meet virtually any size or shape configurations.

You can buy this 64GB Samsung SSD for as little as £141 from Scan.