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Acer To Launch Keyboard PC Before Asus

Taiwanese manufacturer Acer will launch a computer crammed a keyboard at the forthcoming Computex event in Taipei, months before Asus gets its own EEE PC Keyboard out of the door.

Sources close to the world's third biggest computer manufacturer have confirmed that they chose to keep it simple by adopting a radically different form factor compared to the likes of the Cybernet PC or the EEE Keyboard.

Instead, we understand that Acer will be delivering a laptop without the screen with some slight modifications. Our sources told us that it would make the time to market even shorter since battery life would increase significantly and laptop formats would be more favourably received by the market.

There's also the added advantage of having a cheaper supply cost as these all in one keyboard PCs would still come with the same components as normal laptops.

Like Asus, Acer will be using an Ultrawideband HD multimedia interface like the EEE Keyboard to connect to a monitor although this would come as an option by the end of the year. For now, Acer will provide with D-Sub and HDMI ports.

As for the price, we've been told that these monitor-less notebooks will cost between £30 and £50 less than traditional laptops and that the first laptop to be "beheaded" will be the Packard Bell Easynote TJ66-DT-022 UK.

At a cost of £370 at Amazon it comes with a Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB RAM, Vista Premium (which will be replaced by Windows 7 HomePremium), 320GB hard disk, WiFi, four USB ports and an Nvidia Geforce graphics card.