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Apple Gets iPad Trademark From Fujitsu

Apple has struck a deal with Fujitsu to retain the rights to name its iPad tablet device, which will be launched on Saturday but did not disclose any details about any financial agreements between the two.

The Tokyo based company has transferred the naming rights to the iPad, which it had held at the U.S. Patents and Trademarks office to Apple in a deal that has put an end to the speculations about a naming dispute between the two companies.

When Apple had announced the iPad sometime back, Fujitsu was quick to point out that it already had a device similarly named in the market since 2002.

However, the similarity did not end there; the products had many other things in common as well, including touch- screens, Wi-Fi compatibility and some other basic functions.

At that time, industry experts had predicted that the two companies were heading towards a legal battle, which might delay the release of the 'magical' iPad device, which is being hailed as the most important product in Apple's history.

But now, it seems that Fujitsu has bowed down to Steve Jobs will, as the company prepares for a Saturday launch, when brand new iPads will grace the Apple stores across the North American continent.

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Interestingly, these are still some contenders for the naming rights of the iPad, who remain to be silenced by the Cupertino based company. There's also the question as to why a company like Fujitsu, which is a huge conglomerate itself, would agree to sell the iPad trademark to Steve Jobs' company.

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