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Asus announces super slim all-in-one PCs

While there are plenty of slim all-in-one PCs that punish you with weedy Atom CPUs and feeble integrated Intel graphics, Asus has decided to buck the trend with a new line of skinny all-in-one PCs with proper AMD CPUs and DirectX 11 graphics.

The new EeeTop 2010 range manages to squeeze a 20in 1,600 x 900 display and some comparatively impressive specifications into a chassis that’s just one inch thick. Asus says that the “slim form factor will prove to be the ideal solution for those living in apartments where space is at a premium.” Of course, we’re not talking about top-end quad-core Phenom II chips and Radeon HD 5870 graphic here, but the specifications aren’t dire either.

The 2010AG and 2010AGT models both come with a 1.6GHz Athlon II X2 250u. This processor only requires a voltage of 0.85V, and its maximum TDP is just 25W, making it an ideal candidate for a thin case where there’s not a lot of room for airflow. Unlike its fully-fledged brethren, however, it doesn’t feature a shared pool of Level 3 cache between the cores, and instead relies on the 512KB block of L2 cache that’s allocated to each core.

Meanwhile, graphics come courtesy of a Radeon HD 5470. In theory, this is compatible with DirectX 11, although its feeble battery of 80 stream processors is going to cry when faced with Crysis. Even so, it will offer enough power for basic 3D gaming, and more importantly, it will also do a fine job when it comes to HD video playback. Although the screen itself won’t go up to 1080P, the machines will come with an HDMI output, so you could always plug them into a larger TV if you wanted.

The machines will also come with a basic allocation of 2GB of DDR3 RAM, along with a 320GB 7,200rpm hard drive. Again, the latter is a welcome inclusion when so many slim PCs come fitted with a slower 5,400rpm 2.5in drive. The top-end model (the one with a T on the end of its name) will also have a multi-touch display.

In addition to the dual-core Athlon models, Asus is also offering a basic model called the 2010AP, which uses the same chassis with the usual nettop specs; a dual-core Atom, 1GB of RAM and integrated Intel GMA 3150 graphics.

However, the company has interestingly added a couple of higher-end models that use Atom CPUs too. The 2010PN and 2010PNT will come equipped with Nvidia’s next-generation ION GPU, which is a vast improvement on Intel integrated graphics. Again, the T denotes multi-touch support.

Asus tells us that the machines will be available in the UK at the end of May this year. There's no news on pricing yet, but we're expecting to have more information from Asus soon.