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Flooding At Major BT Exchange Leaves Tens Of Thousands Without Internet Access

Tens of thousands of consumers in London and Home Counties have been left without broadband and telephone services after a major flood rocked BT’s exchange in Paddington area.

Broadband customers in north and west London were among the worst hit; it is also feared that the natural occurrence might have caused damages in some other parts of the country too, the network operator asserted.

Citing it as a “complex incident”, BT has advised the affected customers to either use their mobile handsets or their neighbour’s working phone in order to make a call to emergency services.

The incident also set ablaze the impacted exchange, which might have resulted in disruption in mobile services too, BT added.

The network operator asserted that it was trying to fix the issue as soon as possible, but admitted that it didn’t have any idea about when the situation will be brought back to normalcy.

“We are currently working on restoring services to customers, but as this is a complex incident we cannot accurately predict when all services will be restored. We will issue further updates as the situation changes”, BT said.

The network black out emerged just a few months after the famous “White Noise” exercise, a simulated nationwide network outage scenario, info on which are still not disclosed yet.

Our Comments

This kind of incidence shows how fragile the internet can be and how dependent we are on it. There have been more than 400 exchanges across Britain that have apparently been affected and it is unlikely that business will return to normal until later today or even tomorrow.

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