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Google To Follow Bing With Cashback Feature

Google is set to emulate Microsoft's trial two years ago of a cashback offering that will allow people to earn tax-free money simply by purchasing products listed in Google Shopping (formerly known as Froggle), from any of the partners listed.

According to plans drawn up following the arrival of the former Microsoft VP of Web Business Development, Scott McPherson, Google will offer up to five percent cashback on some purchases.

Users will get the money through their Google Checkout account directly in the same way as millions do through Google Adsense. They will also be able to access a dashboard that will show them how much they made and what are the latest deal.

Shares of major affiliates companies such as Affiliates4U, Tradedoubler and Webgain fell significantly on the news as it is understood that the worldwide roll out of the scheme could literally put them out of business.

A source at Google said that for years now, Google wanted to launch such a solution but it was under the impulse of McPherson that the project finally turned from a pet project to a fully fledge Google major.

Google did not reveal any specific time window other than sometimes in Q3 2010. It has not said whether this new cashback feature will be somehow tied with the Google Comparison that was trialled in the UK at the beginning of the year.