Google Introduces Message Security Tool For Email Service

Search engine giant Google has upgraded its Google Message Security tool, an email filtering feature based on pre-set policies and secures email systems against spam and virus. The update includes two new features, namely, Dual Delivery and Health Check.

According to a blog post on the official Google Enterprise blog, Google Postini team member Gopal Shah, explained that the new Dual Delivery will allow organisations to send an email message to two different platforms, which will make it easier for them to shift to a different platform if they want to.

The company also reported on the blog post that the new Health Check feature will allow email admins to beef-up the security of the email systems, by maximising the effectiveness of its spam filter.

Citing it has a 'self-service tune-up', Google explained that the Health Check feature will allow admins to view 'health' report related to the impact of their current security configuration on the level of spam and viruses.

Commenting on the Google Message Security client, which is based on Postini technology, Gopal Shah wrote on the blog that “Google Postini security services work in the cloud to help prevent spam and viruses before they hit your servers. These services also make it easy for admins to fine-tune filtering options to get the right level of protection.”

Our Comments

Google loves to have incremental upgrades that may be small but can significantly improve the lives of its users. Shortcuts on Gmail for example have been a life saver as were the ability to link a domain and the labs. The latest upgrades for MST will make it an even better fit for business users.

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