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Google To Purge Index, Introduce "Super Caffeine"

Search giant Google is on the verge of cleaning its giant index and is set to introduce a new version of its algorithm called "Super Caffeine" (more about Caffeine here).

According to snippets of information gathered from sources at Google UK's HQ in London, a "significant portion" of the 10 billion or so pages will be downgraded because they are either no "longer relevant" or because they are considered as "potentially harmful".

Rather than deleting them, Google will apparently move them to a secondary index and will push them completely down the queue in search engine results page.

Simultaneously, Google will proceed to a crackdown on so-called scrapper websites that generates millions of near-useless pages.

Bizarrely, we heard that some price comparison websites or sites that only rely on third party feeds could be affected by this.

Our Google sources showed us a SERP using the old algorithm and the new one side by side and there is a significant difference for a search on Intel Q8300 reviews.

Gone are the endless pages that promise reviews without actually delivering them. There were a lot less pages (roughly half the original number) but at least they were pertinent.

Apparently, the search giant is responding to the growing threat of Microsoft's Bing and will focus on quality rather than quantity.

We've been told that it is all part of making Google much better and to a certain extent, going back to its roots.