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iPhone 4.0 To Bring Multi Tasking Capabilities To iPhone, iPad

The next major iteration of the iPhone operating system, dubbed iPhone OS 4.0, is expected to support executing multiple third party apps simultaneously, something that has been missing from the iPhone since the beginning.

This will allow users to hop between them through windows management mechanism in a manner similar to those in Mac OS X machines, Apple Insider reported.

As reported earlier this month, sources familiar with the plans for the new firmware told Apple Insider that the company is in fact planning to usher in a feature that would allow for running various apps in the background, as well as the ability to quickly switch between them.

It will be more or less function as the Expose feature found in the Mac OS X operating system, i.e., all the running apps would be showed in a grid scaled as per the number of apps running on the platform.

Initially, Apple was reluctant to bring in multitasking feature on its blockbuster iPhone to help preserve the device’s battery life and simplify user experience.

But, due to the rising competition in the smartphone market and availability of multitasking feature with its rivals’ phones, including that of Android and Windows Mobile, forced Apple to embrace the feature in the next firmware update.

Our Comments

It must be noted here that such a feature would also be available with Apple’s newly released iPad, unless Apple intentionally blocks it. It will be interesting to see whether the multi tasking ability will be extended to second generation iPhones and iPod Touch.

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