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LG To Release LD950 Passive 3D Television Set In May

LG has announced that they will be offering their first 3D-ready television set, the LD950, which is based on passive technology, in a bid to lower the entry price of 3D viewing devices.

The television is a 47-inch model and is a full 1080p HD model. Apart from the built-in intelligent sensor feature, it comes with TruMotion 200Hz, USB 2.0 playback capabilities, four polarised glasses and four HDMI port.

The LD950 appears to be the same as the LD920 which was rolled out earlier this year across pubs nationwide in partnership with Sky to stream 3D sport content over the next few months. The only noticeable difference is the lack of polarised glasses.

Three weeks ago, we reported how Sky had apparently purchased thousands of 3D television sets from LG to provide with the necessary kit for pubs to broadcast 3D football as from this Saturday.

Expect the television to go on sale in May 2010 with an estimated price of around £1500. That's around two and a half times more expensive than one of LG's own 47-inch LCD Television (LG 47LH3000 for £595 at Amazon).

That said, Panasonic has already announced that it would be producing 50-inch 3D plasma television sets which will cost as little as $2500 (£650).

Our Comments

Passive technology is not only cheaper to produce but also doesn't require expensive active glasses costing £99 or more. Instead, you can use a cheap £1 cardboard glasses instead. Still, qualiltywise, it is inferior to the active glasses and the whole passive/active technology reminds us of DSTN and Active LCD screens.

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