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Mobile Internet Traffic To Grow Forty Times By 2015 Says Firm

A recent research has forecasted that the tiered pricing structure for mobile web will be indispensable in the near future, particularly owing to the presumed dramatic hike in the mobile data traffic - mostly due to mobile videos - as reported by the Guardian.

A UK consultancy firm, named ‘Coda Research Consultancy’, has predicted that the mobile data consumption in the US is all set to reach 327,000 terabytes a month by 2015.

This indicates a massive 40-fold rise in the mobile data consumption in the US over the span of five years, according to Mobile Crunch.

This mammoth growth will hover around mobile video data, which is predicted to rise by a substantial 138 percent to reach 224,000 terabytes of data per month in five years down the line, Coda said.

Besides, mobile video will account for a sizable 70 percent of the total mobile data consumption in coming five years, while 60 percent of the US consumers will use their mobile handsets to watch videos by that time, Coda predicted.

Predicting that the network operators would increasingly go for tiered pricing system due to rising appetite for mobile data among users, Coda’s co-founder Steve Smith said: “Flat rate pricing has helped drive internet adoption, but we envisage that as smartphone penetration rises and other carriers roll out 4G, carriers will have to move toward tiered pricing”.

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Incidentally, last month, Coda forecasted that as many as 149 million Wi-Fi-enabled mobile handsets will be used in the US within the same timeframe. This means that hotspots could play a major role into shouldering the burden of increasing mobile video traffic.

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