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New UK ISP Hail Controversial £10 "Up To 1Gbps" Broadband Service

A new internet service provider has unveiled what it says is UK's first "Up to 1Gbps" broadband service although it is likely to attract publicity for all the wrong reasons.

The ISP has been founded by a group called IIM (Innovators in Marketing) that have used a loophole to advertise the white label service; in fact they will only be able to offer a fraction of the claimed speed.

When questioned about the legality of the service, one of their spokespersons candidly said that all the ISP sector has been doing this for years and no one has never been fined or penalised for doing so.

He added that "Even the biggest internet service providers have up to speeds that they will never ever reach even in perfect conditions. in fact marketwide research show that the average user will only get 40 percent of the claimed maximum speed limit."

Details about the new service have been thin. We know that BT will be providing the service as from June next month but we've been told that while it will be a truly unlimited service, there will be some sort of capping mechanism that will bring the retail price down to £10.

Plans have also been drawn apparently to launch a wireless service as well which promises speeds of up to 100Mbps but is likely to pull in content at a more pedestrian 512kbps when in networked zone.