News At Five : New Youtube, iPhone OS 4.0 Rumours, SASER Plans

In today's edition of News@Five, we present you with the round-up of top tech happenings during the day, which include YouTube's cost-saving overhaul and Apple's iPhone 4.0 OS roll out.

Google's popular video sharing website, YouTube has undergone some major overhauling in order to increase the time the users spend on the website and to reduce the monumental bandwidth costs. YouTube's new look is designed to offer reduced visual sounds and a smooth video viewing and sharing experience.

Apple Inc. is all set to dish out the iPhone 4.0 OS for the users of its iPhone and iPod Touch devices, which expected to let users multi-task between third party applications and open as many windows as they feel like, just like in the Mac OS X.

Japanese consumer electronics maker Sony Corp. has announced the company will be soon launching a new range of home theatre systems based on the Sound Amplified Stimulation of Radiation (SASER), which will allow users direct the sound waves directly at their ears, by means of a newly designed earring shaped device.

The Guardian has thrown light on a recent research undertaken by the Coda Research Consultancy, which has predicted that mobile internet traffic in the US will increase 40 times of what it currently is.