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Novell Loses Wordperfect Lawsuit Filed Against Microsoft

The US District Court of Baltimore has dismissed a lawsuit against software giant Microsoft, which was being pursued by software maker Novell, that had claimed that Microsoft had deliberately sabotaged Novell's WordPerfect software by using its monopolistic position six years ago.

Judge J. Frederick Motz, who was presiding over the long-standing lawsuit, declared that Novell was not in a position to pursue the lawsuit against Microsoft, as it had sold the once-popular PC software products to Caldera in 1996.

In the lawsuit filed six years ago by Novell, the company had claimed that Microsoft had withheld important information pertaining to the WordPerfect word processor application and Quattro Pro spreadsheet software and it had abused its monopolistic position for sabotaging the sale of the software.

Microsoft, on the other hand, had declared that Novell's software sales failed to pick up due to some internal error on Novell's part. The Novell lawsuit took place after the government had ruled that Microsoft was a monopolistic company.

Giving out his judgement on the issue, Judge Motz, said in a statement that “If Novell wanted to assert claims for monopolization and attempted monopolization in the word processing and spreadsheet markets, it should have done so long ago.”

Our Comments

We fondly remember the time when Wordperfect and Quattro Pro were proper competitors to the almighty Microsoft Office package. We reminisce on the awe inspired by Lotus Smartsuite and Symphony as well and remember another office suite called Staroffice, which went on to become

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