Ordnance Survey map data site gets lost

The free Ordnance Survey (OS) data put online on the Government-funded OS OpenData web site has proven so popular the site's fallen over.

The new online portal offers free and unrestricted access to much of the Ordnance survey map data. It allows users to public download mapping and geographic information for free.

But the site has proved so popular that it's been up and down like a whore's drawers all morning.

An Ordnance Survey spokesman admitted the site was experience some "technical issues" that were being addressed.

April the first is a funny old date to launch something this big, we'd suggest.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee reckons the site will "help people make fuller use of other government data on data.gov.uk, as well as stimulating innovation in mapping itself. Once the traffic dies down a bit that is. You can hear Sir Tim's musings here.

The site doesn't include the excellent information included in the Landranger and Explorer series of maps - probably because millions of these are sold each year at a good £8.99 a pop

"We’re very disappointed that the government apparently lost its nerve with releasing Landranger and Explore," said Ramblers chief executive, Tom Franklin. "These maps provide a familiar view of the walking environment for many millions of walkers and making them free for re-use, would have provided the easiest and most effective way to enable keen volunteers to share their walking knowledge with others."

The OS site is here. You may have to try again later!