Palm Preparing UK Launch For Pixi Plus & Pre Plus

Following the approval of Palm's handsets by the Global Certification Forum, the company is set to launch the Pixi Plus & Pre Plus - otherwise known as the P101UEU and P121UEU - in the UK.

The two handsets had been officially been launched at the end of last month.

Both versions have been certified to work on a 3G network and have been identified as quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE devices with dualband MTS/HSDPA at 2100/900 MHz.

The Palm Pre Plus sticks to all the cool features of the original Palm Pre smartphone but doubles the internal storage capacity to 16GB and increases the amount of RAM available on the phone.

The rest of the specifications for both phones remains the same although the Pixi Plus now comes with WiFi. Palm has only released the Pre in the UK, leaving out the Pixi for unknown reasons (possibly because of the intense competition on this side of the Atlantic).

We also reported three weeks ago that O2 was offering the original Pre for as little as £25 per month which is significantly less than the £44 they were charging for the same device a few months before.

In the hindsight, it does make sense for the mobile network operator to slash the price to make way for the new model. Expect the Pixi to land at O2 as well.

Our Comments

The Pre is what Palm has left to reclaim its place amongst the bigger players in the marketplace. Time is running out for the mobile phone manufacturer though and we can only hope that a white knight (maybe Dell?) will pop in and buy them altogether to save it from becoming a footnote in history.

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