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Pharmaceutical Industry Foresees "Huge" Rise In Painkillers Sales Due To 3D Technology

A leaked report prepared by the WPO, the organisation that regroups the main players of the global pharmaceutical industry, says that its members is pinning hope on the success of 3D worldwide to boost the sales of their products.

The authors of the report, Dr Andrew Maceu and Dr Brian Arma, reckon that the rise in popularity of 3D will be followed by a massive increase in the number of people complaining of headaches ad other visually-induced nausea.

According to the researchers, "Preliminary tests show that out of a random sample of 1004 candidates who viewed 3D content on widescreen for more than 2 hours in a darkened room, more than a fifth experienced strong head migraines".

It also highlighted the fact that viewing longer movies - like Indian feature films - or movie marathons (where whole boxsets are viewed) could worsen the conditions and in some cases cause some to confuse between the virtual and the real world.

This, the WPO reckons, could herald a new era in the development of drugs for visual impairment and anti-hallucinogenic illnesses.

The report ends by saying that revenues from drugs developed are likely to grow exponentially as more 3D products and contents are released to the market and because related intellectual property will not expire until 2050.

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