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Sky launches 3D pub finder

Despite the fact that potential England squad members for the World Cup are dropping like flies, there will still be a wee bit of interest once the world's biggest festival of footie kicks off in just a few short weeks.

And if you're willing to spend 90 minutes looking like a very poor Roy Orbison impersonator in order to watch every kick of the games in high definition and three glorious dimensions, you'd better get yourself off to your nearest pub sporting Sky's new 3D HD technology.

"But I don't know where my nearest suitably-equipped hostelry is", we hear you cry.

Worry not, friends, for Sky has come to the rescue with the 3D Pub Finder. Just pop in your postcode and the pertinent information will be yours in the blink of an eye (or a blink of each eye in rapid succession of you want the results in 3D).

We tried it from our Bedfordshire satellite office and found three results within eight miles. One of which was a bowling alley which won't let you through the door unless you pay for a lane, and the other two were quite possibly the area's roughest dives.