Sony Planning "Audio Laser" Home Cinema Systems

Japanese manufacturer Sony has announced the forthcoming launch of a new range of home cinema products that use the so-called Audio Laser technology, one that promises to change the way music is transferred.

Audio Laser, known also as SASER (Sound Amplified Stimulation of Radiation), allows for sound waves to be targeted towards a very precise area - in this case the user's ears - which means that less power is needed to achieve a the same effect.

Sony's Audio Laser could also mean the end of complaints from neighbours for endless noisy nights. The manufacturer says that the system supports up to 20 concurrent users which should be enough for a small party at home.

Unfortunately, just as 3D glasses are essential to view 3D content, you will have to wear special SASER earrings in order to fully experience the system. These will be provided free with the system.

A spokesperson for Sony said that "We've put more than 10 years worth of research and development into this product and we are confident that it will be as revolutionary as the advent of the Walkman back in the 1980's".

The first Audio Laser system will be a hybrid system, supporting either SASER technology and speaker systems and will carry a premium at launch. The SA-PA01 will feature a Bluray player plus a 5.1 wireless speaker set.

More products will follow before the end of the year in time for the crucial few months preceding Christmas including portable Audio laser and microsystems products.