Twitter Set To Introduce Avatar Functionality

Twitter will add a brand new beta feature to its popular microblogging website by the end of next month called "Avatar" which could potentially change the way people interact online.

Avatar will literally "learn" how Twitter users interact with their followers, friends and contacts and automatically generate content based on this thanks to a very smart algorithm that is currently deployed at Twitter's new data centre.

Twitter's co-founders hope that the new service, which will be available for free during the initial beta stage, will help users reduce the so-called "update" fatigue that currently affects a number of users.

A spokesman for Twitter said that "According to research done by Internet companies, users of social networking websites are increasingly suffering from too many updates".

He added that "Avatar will actually reduce the number of meaningless interactions and allow the real users to focus exclusively on those contacts that really matters."

It remains to be seen whether the avatar feature will mean more spammy messages for some and a turnoff for others. It may also cause a few users to give up the service completely if it doesn't perform according to expectations.