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US University Doles Out Free Apple iPad To Students

In what could be seen as a prelude that the iPad has already started grabbing eyeballs on US college campuses, the Pennsylvania-based Seton Hill University has announced that it will distribute iPads to all the full-time students entering the college this fall.

The University asserted that the move would help in bolstering the students’ technical awareness as well as learning capability (ed : and also get itself some very positive free publicity worldwide).

“With this technology at your fingertips, you can create a just-in-time learning environment, stay in touch with professors, advisers, and classmates, research any topic at any time, engage in hybrid and fully on-line courses, and access a whole host of Seton Hill technology services”, the University mentioned on its website.

However, there are no details about the version of the iPad that will be distributed among the students. Additionally, the school also said that its faculty will also receive the similar technology, along with full training on how to use the device.

“In this way, Seton Hill is training students of all learning styles and abilities to be better researchers, better at compiling and organizing data, and better at publishing and presenting information”, the school said while touting the move.

Meanwhile, reports also suggest that Oregon-based George Fox University will offer a choice between an iPad and a MacBook, thereby leaving the decision on the students that whether they want something more mobile or something with more computing abilities.

Our Comments

Expect more and more educational institutions to follow both universities over the next few months and as the new academic year starts in September. The iPad will replace the iPod and a Macbook for most users. The only problem is that it will be too easy to break up.

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