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Virgin Media Deploys Ferret Armada

Virgin Media has made a startling revelation that may leave engineers at other cable providers scratching their heads, as the cable giant, in a press release, said that they have employed specially trained ferrets for more than a year to help drawing cables for its high-speed broadband service.

These long-fluffy burrowing creatures have been used by the cable provider to figure out the most optimum places to lay their fibre optic cable for delivering broadband services.

The specially trained ferrets wear jackets kitted with microchip which is designed to check if there are any signs of wear and tear in the underground fibre network

“These unusual engineers not only assist in searching out the best places to lay fibre optic cables, but also wear jackets fitted with a special microchip able to analyse any breaks or damage in the underground network”, the company quoted in the press release.

The ferret echelon, which has now been tested for over a year, comprises of twenty skilfully trained ferrets from Derbyshire, led by a duo named Bandit and Fang.

Speaking about the reason for using the creatures for the job, the company said: “Our decision to use them is due to their strong nesting instinct, their long, lean build and inquisitive nature, and for their ability to get down holes”.

This could prove to be a breakthrough in delivering internet to places being regarded as “dead zones”, tendering internet access to distant locations, and therefore could be instrumental in bridging the digital divide.