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Youtube redesign causes storm

Copyright flouting video junk yard Youtube has had a lick of paint much to the chagrin of its millions of users.

A blog on Youtube's official blog insists that the redesign is the result of eight months of user research, feedback and data analysis, but it seems they might have asked the wrong people.

The new design, which is supposed to be "cleaner, simpler and easier to use" has been almost universally pilloried by commenters on the very same blog page. In fact it's pretty difficult to find anyone who has anything nice to say about the revamp at all.

They range from the rather meek, "I don't really like it" through the rather uncomplimentary "Looks like crap. Keep up the horrible work!" to the downright raving "I f***ing hate the new youtube. it's s**t. absolute and complete s**t. no HTML5 support, GPU flash 10 usage is broken, uses more CPU. it's cluttered as f**k. i f***ing hate s**t like this.

Most people are upset that the five star rating system has been replaced by a simple like or dislike model.

We've noticed that videos now auto-play when you open the page, which is really annoying when you're supposed to be working and you've forgotten to turn the sound down.