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Apple Unveils List Of iPad-Friendly Websites

Apple Inc., the company behind the iPod music player, has released a list of 'iPad ready' websites, which are compatible with the HTML5 capabilities of the Apple Safari web browser installed on the iPad, which will be unleashed on Saturday.

Keeping in line with its anti-Flash agenda, Apple mentioned that all these websites are equipped with the HTML5 video player, which is supported by the iPad, making it clear that Apple does not need Adobe's Flash player to make its device media rich.

The websites, which were listed in a separate section named 'iPad Ready', included,, New York Times, and

According to Apple, all these websites take advantage of HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript capabilities of the Safari web browser in order 'to deliver content that looks and functions beautifully on iPad.”

Interestingly, instead of providing users with a link to the listed web sites, the company has just pasted screen shots of the websites, complete with a 20-word description of the website and how they fit into Steve Jobs overarching plans to overthrow Adobe Flash.

Apple is allowing people to register their websites with the company so that they can make it to the elite group of the websites that run on HTML5 web technology and other standards or more over, they are 'iPad Ready'.