Microsoft Loses i4i Court Case Appeal

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday lost its appeal to have a full legal suit review of the Canadian firm i4i claims, in which the former was instructed to pay $290 million in damages, along with the injunction that would cease the software giant from incorporating XML custom codes in its software products.

Incidentally, i4i slapped the software giant with a lawsuit over use of XML editing feature in the Microsoft Word software.

A federal jury in Texas ruled in May last year that the world’s largest software company had breached upon i4i’s patent, and henceforth awarded i4i $200 million in damages. The decision was further affirmed by the US District Court for the District of Texas, which ordered Microsoft to pay $290 million to i4i.

Responding to the decision, Microsoft asserted that it is pondering over escalating the matter to the Supreme Court for further hearing.

Quoting the same, Microsoft spokesman Kevin Kutz said: “We're disappointed with the decision. As far as next steps, we continue to believe there are important matters of patent law that still need to be properly addressed, and we are considering our options for going forward.”

However, the software maker has already removed the disputed XML feature from its Word software in a bid to comply with the decision.

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Meanwhile, Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against Datel with the US District Court in Seattle as well as with the International Trade Commission, accusing that the latter’s Xbox 360 game controllers infringe upon its patents.

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