Microsoft Pushes Internet Explorer Patches Out

Microsoft, the company behind the Zune music player, has dished out an emergency update for its troubled Internet Explorer web browser, citing increased attacks as the reason forcing the company to release an early update.

According to the company, the IE web browser has been served an update patch which caters to 10 vulnerabilities in the different versions of the browser, including the latest Internet Explorer 8 browser.

The updates, codenamed MS08-018, offers a patch for the drive-by download vulnerability, which is being used in several IE attacks that have been mentioned by the company.

The critical update also patches security holes that might lead to remote code execution, allowing hackers to install malicious software used to manipulate an infected PC.

Commenting on the release of the much warranted update, Jerry Bryant, Microsoft Security Response group manager, wrote on the official Microsoft security blog that “Releasing the update early provides Internet Explorer 6 and 7 customers protection against the active attacks and provides users of all versions of Internet Explorer protection against nine other vulnerabilities.”

Meanwhile, confirming Microsoft's claims of increased cyber attacks, security firm Symantec said in an emailed statement that hackers were exploiting the iepeers.dll zero-day vulnerability, that was discovered by Microsoft on March 9th.