Ebay US Flooded By Apple iPad Devices

Hundreds of Apple iPad devices have gone on sale on the world's biggest online auction website as US-based entrepreneurs flock to the web to make the most of the tiny four-week window available before Apple sells the device overseas.

At the time of writing, the cheapest iPad - a 16GB WiFI model - that was acquired had a winning bid of $590 with free delivery and surprisingly the auction ended on the 26th of March 2010 as many have started lurking around online to get the iPad early.

As a reminder, Apple's most affordable iPad costs $499 which means that some punters can expect to make at least $80 profit once postage and Ebay fees are discounted.

We've also noticed that most models on sale were either the 64GB or the 16GB version which might show an early trend as to which models become the more popular.

Bear in mind though that buying through Ebay comes with some risks especially for a high value item like the iPad. Not only will the product potentially get a 17.5 percent VAT slapped on it (making it much more expensive), you may be left to your own devices if something goes wrong.

Apple has yet to provide with more details regarding the exact launch date of the iPad outside the US. All the major European territories list the iPad as being available from the end of April 2010.