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Exclusive : LG First 3D TV Goes On Sale For £1700 & It's Not Passive

Little known online retailer Electrocentre has pipped the likes of Comet, Argos and DSGI to become the first UK shop to stock a 3D television, the LG 42LX6500, for £1700.

The 42" Full HD 3D LED TV has a shipping lead of up to three working days and comes 48 hours after LG released the LD950 Passive LCD television, the same one which is being deployed in pubs across the country.

Surprisingly, this model is an active one which reportedly delivers much better 3D pictures compared to the passive version but requires expensive active glasses that can cost £100 each.

The 42LX60500 uses the BLU Type LED Plus which according to LG " provides even greater control of brightness through local dimming to deliver amazing clarity and color detail".

As expected there's some sort of anti-motion blur engine, called the TruMotion 240Hz and the television set itself is a full HD one, the least you could expect at this price.

It also comes as no surprise that LG quotes a spectacularly high 8000000:1 contrast ratio and says that the blacks on the 42LX60500 are blacker than ever.

The rest of the specs by comparison is more mundane : four HDMI ports, optional Wireless 1080p connectivity kit and USB access.

Our Comments

The apparent reason why the retailer could become the first retailer to sell a 3D television set is because it has imported it from the US. Only two 3D TV sets will be sold officially in the UK over the next few months, the 55LX9900 and the 47LX9900 which are expected to be available in four weeks.

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