iPad innards exposed

The US Federal Communications Commission has posted on its site 15 iPad documents that Apple asked to keep secret.

The device goes on sale in the States today and no doubt Apple chief Steve Jobsworth is doing his nut over the fact that the FCC has outed pictures of the touch-screen netbook's innards.

Apple wrote to the FCC on February 18 of this year detailing the device so that the regulator was up to speed as to what the device is made of.

"Apple Inc hereby requests confidential treatment of the following attachments and request (sic) that the Commission withhold these documents from public disclosure indefinitely," Apple engineer Mike Kriege wrote. "The documents mentioned above contain proprietary information and public disclosure of these documents might be harmful to our company and could give our competitors an unfair advantage."

He also asked that some other documents be kept under wraps for 180 days.

The FCC obviously thought otherwise and outed the documents anyway although some have been doctored to hide bits of information the toymaker may not want in the public domain.

Geeks poring over the pictures report that the battery is not soldered in so can be replaced, although the User Manual notes that such replacement should only be undertaken by Apple. The screen according to ifixit looks like a fairly expensive Philips jobbie. The iPad 3G is model number "A1337". How corny is that!