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Microsoft Plans To Add More Retail Outlets

Software giant Microsoft has announced plans to increase the footfalls it gets in its retail outlets, by expanding its retail store chain, which will soon see two new additions in its line-up.

The company plans to open a store in Denver and San Diego, which will join ranks with the ones in Arizona and California.

According to a source close to the plans in Microsoft, the company aims to open the two stores during the summer, as it plans to increase its physical as well as online presence.

It seems that Microsoft is trying to emulate what Apple has done with its own chain of retail outlets, which focuses on enhanced visual experience and customer interaction.

Interestingly, the news of the retail outlets got out when popular news blog Business Insider spotted a job post made by the company in that area.

Like the rest of the Microsoft stores, Denver and San Diego stores will feature a range of Microsoft products, including wall-to-wall LCD screen display, table-top Surface computers and special Xbox displays.

Industry experts believe that Microsoft knows the level of competition it faces from the Apple and Best Buy stores, which is why it has decided to open only two new stores, which are based on the results from the ones that were opened earlier.