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AMD's Athlon-II X2-255 goes like a bunny

Noctua's NH-D14 CPU Cooler got a grilling by the OverClock Intelligence Agency. To say they were impressed "would be the understatement of the year.” Top Review Shop agrees.

Tech Review Source has reviewed the Canon PowerShot A495 camera finding delivers fantastic photo quality and has the potential to be the perfect pocket camera for the average photographer.

Kodak's Zx1 HD Digital Camcorder reviewed at ThinkComputers is, they say, very easy to use, and can shoot 720p at both 60 and 30 frames.

Nexus VCT-9000 CPU Cooler has been gone over by Tweak Town which has stated that “It’s better than stock and offers that performance with barely any noise at all.”

Logitechs' Gaming Mouse G500 has been reviewed by Barry's Review Blog which says that “It's a much more comfortable mouse for someone with large hands than the Logitech G9x.”

Gigabyte's Ghost Xtreme GM-M8000X Gaming Mouse is satisfactory if not overly impressive says Benchmark Reviews.

Technocel Ear Vibe has been reviewed on Bjorn 3D which has concluded that “While sounds and music from the Ear Vibe were clear and distortion free the microphone left a lot to be desired.”

Sony Altus SA31iR has been reviewed on Digital Trend which has stated that “The Sony Altus SA31iR wireless iPod speaker system has superior wireless range and offers good sound from small.”

Dragon Steel Mods has reviewed Cirago USB Hard Drive Dock with Card Reader CDD1000 and states that “The inclusion of the card reader and the two USB ports in this dock is a great feature really.'

The Elite Bastards say OCZ's Vertex Series 60GB 2.5-inch SSD "offers value for money is very much in the eye of the beholder.”

AMD Athlon-II X2-255 CPU ADX255OCGQBOX has been reviewed by Benchmark Reviews which says that “The Athlon-II X2-255 performed very well against our Intel processors.”

Big Bruin has reviewed Microsoft's Zune 30GB Media Player bbut can't "recommend it for those who want a super portable media player.”

Dragon Steel Mods finds Thermaltake's Contac 29 CPU Cooler "a very good choice if you're looking for an inexpensive way to cool your CPU.”

Over at Everything USB, Corsair's Flash Padlock 2 8GB Secure Flash Drive "does a damn fine job of securing sensitive data for individuals and small businesses.”