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Review Of Reviews : Kingston SSD, Utgard Midtower, Thermaltake CPU Cooler

In today's review of reviews, we present you with the latest reviews of some of the most recent hardware to enter the market. Read on to get the information you need.

Thermaltake PWB 100 has been reviewed by Bjorn 3D which states that “The PB100 water block performed pretty decent for its small 3/8" barbs.”

Hardware Cannucks has reviewed Kingston SSDNow V+ (gen.2) 128GB SSD and has added that “From the moment we opened up the SSDNow V+ 128GB’s packaging and found a load of goodies waiting for us, we had a special place in our hearts for this drive.'

Micro Cool Banchetto 101 has been written about on Hi-Tech Reviews which has reported that “The Micro Cool Banchetto 101 might not be for everyone, but if you are a modder and do a look of testing say of motherboards this device is something you really should look into.”

Xigmatek Utgard has been reviewed by Overclock 3D which says that “If you have £100 to spend on a midtower case and need to fit a water loop, save some money and buy the Utgard.”

Raidmax Hurricane has been reviewed at Overclockers Club which says that “Overall, this case turned out to be a mixed bag.”]

Thermaltake Contac 29 CPU Cooler has been reviewed by Overclockers HQ which adds that “In the end I found that this was a good cooler.”