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£80 Nokia 5230 On T-Mobile 1m Free Txt 6m Free Internet

Your social life is about to get a lot easier. The touch screen Nokia 5230 has a clever contact bar, so your best mates are just a tap away. Music's sorted too - with playlists and a radio. Plus you can get email from up to 10 accounts.

With thumbnails of up to 20 of your closest friends, it's easy to tap straight through to their latest calls, texts, Facebook updates and more.

Love music? Just slot in a 16GB microSD card for up to 33 hours of solid tunes, or simply fire up the FM radio. Shooting photos and video is easy too - you can even edit your creations right there on the 5230.

From checking status updates to sending a Tweet, it's easy to stay in touch with your social networks on the Nokia 5230.

What's the point in having a great social life if you can't find the party? The 5230 comes with GPS navigation, so it's easy to see exactly where you are - and plot your route to that new restaurant or the nearest taxi rank.

Buy this Nokia 5230 from Argos on T-Mobile for £80 and get one month free text and six months free internet.

You also get a free mobile phone car kit as well as unlimited SatNav for life.