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Apple iPad Having Issues With Non-Mac USB Charging

With Apple's iPad finally being released, the device has received mixed reactions from customers, who have also reported an issue which arises when they try to charge the iPad via USB.

Upon further investigation it was found that USB ports in old PCs and laptops are not powerful enough to charge the almighty iPad.

Whenever users tried to charge their new iPads via USB, the words 'Not Charging' appeared on the device's menu bar, indicating that the device was not being charged.

However, it was later revealed that Apple's new toy comes with massive charging requirements and cannot be charged with USB ports in old PCs when in use.

An article on popular Mac website Macworld suggested that in order to charge the iPad, it will be advisable to use the 10-watt USB power charger that has been provided with the device.

However, when the device is charged with a high-power USB port, which comes with recent Mac devices, the iPad will take a longer time to be fully charged if it is being used at the same time.

Interestingly, when questioned about the device's inability to charge with common USB ports, Apple told MacWorld that users will have to put the iPad to 'sleep' before charging it with old USB ports.