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Google Buys Video Firm Episodic For Youtube

In an attempt to widen its hold on the online video market, search engine giant Google has acquired online video platform Episodic, which will be merged with Google's popular YouTube video service, to provide better services to its users.

Episodic, which announced the acquisition on its official blog, is a US based online video platform used for broadcasting live and on-demand video to the web or any web-enabled device, which was started by Noam Lovinsky and Matias Cudich.

According to the blog post made by the start-up's co-founders, the company was in talks with Google for a while before agreeing on the terms of acquisition and will work together with the company in order to merge Episodic's technology with that of YouTube for delivering an innovative video platform.

The acquisition will see Episodic staff members joining Google offices from next week and will not affect the quality of services being offered to existing customers.

However, the company has stopped taking in new customers, but has allowed them to register themselves with the website so that they can be contacted once the acquisition process is over.

Our Comments

It will be interesting to see how Google exploits Episodic services, which allow users to publish live and on-demand video content and lets them control the level of advertisement on their channel apart from offering real-time data on user experiences on their channel.

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